brand consulting
Brands matter, and never more so than today. 
In the face of communication onslaught, brands are the most effective way of cutting through the racket to reach people's hearts and minds.Whatever the brand, maximizing its real world value depends on the long-term involvement of those who work with it every day. 
As a brand consultant, its intrinsic that I spend time with your founders, staff and even loyal clients. These people know you and know what your brand is- what it could be. 
Brands can’t and shouldn’t exist in a vacuum. In order for them to change behavior, they need to live in the hearts and minds of those who work for and with them. That’s how brands become genuine and positive experiences for the consumers who choose them.
I've worked with clients for to help maximize the role and worth of their workforce in creating and managing brand value. What's that mean to you? Drop me a line and let's start the conversation.
marketing analysis
How effective is your current advertising? Phones ringing off the hook? If they were, you'd probably servcing clients instead of viewing my page. Show me everything and I'll be kind in my critique. A refined brand is only as strong as the consistency at which it is executed.

What do your marketing materials say to potential leads about your company? This conversation is occurring and its vital that we harness every word of it to put your brand in its best light.

Maybe you aren't talking at all. Perhaps your birthing your brand as we speak. Here in the maternity ward it couldn't be more important to shape a strong foundation for your image to grow. Too often the tyranny of the urgent wins out over common sense and persistent marketing errors have to be slain before we can clarify your message.

Hit my inbox and we'll begin the review, the road to recovery.

Concept to reality, regardless of medium. Print. Web. Video. Audio. Event. Product. Stage. 
If we can come up with a reason for it, I have trusted teams of experienced producers for it all. I have been blessed to service my clients in so many diverse arenas that truly the sky is the limit; be it Pyrotechnics or Private Jets. 
Let's start putting design to the vision of your organization.

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